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Corporate name Shimada Shokai Co., Ltd.
Representative President : Masaru Shimada
Main Factory Address
801 Kosamurai,Kitataku-cho,TakuCity,Saga Prefecture,Japan
Tel : +81-952-74-4141   Fax : +81-952-74-4143
Branch Offices
Factory Locations
R-3 center ELV   Nishitaku-cho, Taku City, Saga Prefecture, Japan
Imari   Kurogawa-cho, Imari City, Saga Prefecture, Japan
Saga   Kubota-cho, Saga, Saga Prefecture, Japan

Corporate History

1956 Established as a privately owned company in Nishimatsuura, Saga, Japan
1967 The Kubota-cho Saga factory was created.
1970 The company was incorporated and was renamed Shimada Shokai Co., Ltd.
2002 R-3 Center ELV was created in Taku-city for automobile recycling.
2010 Imariwan office was created.
2014 Shimada Solar power plant was created.

Permits and Licenses

All necessary permits and licenses have been obtained.
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